Wyndham Supermarket 


27th-28th APRIL​

Can I win two Prizes?

Yes, unless you win the J.Cav Electrical Biggest Overall Barra in which case you are ineligible for any other Barra categories.

Are the Entry Fees the same if I’m not fishing for all 2 days?

Yes. Whether fishing all 2 days or just taking the kids for a fish one afternoon the fees are the same. The fees have remained unchanged since our inaugural event in 2012, and since then we have given competitors more opportunity and more prizes at the same great price (even when our costs have risen!)

How do I register?

Get down to Wyndham Supermarket, Frontier Post & News, Kununurra Home & Garden and Bushcamp Surplus Store to grab a form and set of rules. Please complete the entire form and circle you agree with the Rules and Regulations. Payment can be made via card at Wyndham Supermarket, or by cash at Wyndham Supermarket, Kununurra Home & Garden and Bushcamp Surplus Store.

How do I get my Competition Shirt?

Always the hottest property in the Kimberley, competition shirts are handed out when you sign-on at the start of the competition or at the Information Night the day before (see below). Shirt sizes are on a “first in best dressed” basis limited to one per competitor at $40 each, then available to all at the presentation night and onwards for $70 each.

How do I Sign In and Sign Out of the competition?

This is very important for us and your safety. This occurs at the Wyndham DFES station on St. Pauls Way and are both COMPULSORY for all competitors. Come and see event organisers there when you start to grab the Brag Mat, and then come back and see us when you’re all done so we know you’re safe and sound. Even if you aren’t lodging any entries you need to Sign Off with us!!!

Do I need to Sign In and Sign Out each day?

No. But if you change from land to boat or vice versa, you must let us know as a matter of safety. When you Sign On we will be asking if you are camping or staying on your boat and a description of your movements. Boat competitors are to update EKMVR every time the change location.

Who is responsible for my safety?

You! Just as if you were fishing from land or boat any other day of the year, you are responsible for your own safety and of those around you. Just because you are in a fishing competition doesn’t change that or make you exempt from any laws, and it’s not possible for us to monitor each competitor each hour of the day. SWEK have requested a list of inclusions into our rules this year purely from a safety point of view. If anyone has any questions about safety prior to or during the event please contact event organisers.

How do I measure and photograph my fish?

As clearly as possible!! Each fish must be photographed on the competition Brag Mats, which are handed out only at Sign On. For each entry we must be able to clearly see at least one row of measuring markers above or below the fish from head to tail to ensure the mat is not folded underneath (you can take a close up of the tail if you want). It’s your responsibility that event organisers can transfer your photo onto our laptops.

When is the Information Night?

This is at the Croc Cafe & Bakery from 1700 on Friday the 26th April. Come down for a relaxed chat, ask us any questions, grab your pre-ordered competition shirts and buff/cooler combos and let the stories commence over a few cold ones! We’ll also have EKMVR and Fisheries on hand to say G’day and assist with any questions.

Where is the Presentation Night and do I have to attend?

Presentations kick off at the Wyndham Community Club on Sunday the 28th April from 1800. The kitchen will be open, the beer cold and the stories flowing!! While we encourage as many people to attend as possible to celebrate a great few days fishing you do not have to be present to win a Prize Category. However, you do have to be present to win the Bushcamp Surplus Store Early Bird Registration Door Prize.

What is the Bushcamp Surplus Store Early Bird Registration Door Prize?

Complete your Registration Form in full, including the purchase of a competition shirt and buff/cooler combo pack, and you're in the running to win an Engel Prize Pack valued at over $1,200!! The winner will be drawn randomly at the Presentation Night and the winner must be present to win - we will re-draw until a winner is announced! This is open to Adult and Junior competitors.

What is the Brown Pentecost Water Pro?

In 2019 Beyond the Bastion Inc. and Home Valley Station are running a joint competition for those competing in both the Wyndham Supermarket Brown Water Classic and the Pentecost Pro. When registering for the Wyndham Supermarket Brown Water Classic select the "BPWP" option and pay the additional $20 registration fee. Lodge your largest barra in both competitions and the competitor with the largest combined tally will win $500 cash and a night for two with a Sunset Tour at Home Valley Station valid in 2020. This will be presented at the Pentecost Pro presentation night. This is available for Adult competitors.

Where do my Entry Fees go?

The Beyond the Bastion Brown Water Classic has always been a strictly not for profit competition. Initially this community-focused event raised money for local volunteer services in Wyndham, and then in 2015 and 2017 selected The McGrath Foundation and Black Dog Institute charities respectively as the fundraising cause – to date we have donated over $20,500. Profits this year will go to local community groups and projects as well as improving the competition's infrastructure to make it even better for competitors in 2020!

Who can I contact?

If there are any queries or concerns please don't hesitate to contact Simon at brownwaterclassic@hotmail.com